I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Selling your products and services to the US market for the first time is REALLY hard.

Or is it?


It’s certainly not easy. But there IS a way to do it right the first time, to lower risk, and more importantly, to spark your sales internationally – Trade shows!


Unfortunately, companies make the mistake of using their first international trade show as a “market research project”. You’re in the business to sell. If you want to penetrate a new market, then do just that. Go in with the mindset that you are selling, not promoting.

If you're serious about breaking into a new market, you need to be very systematic about how you plan and execute your exhibit. Because...this is your BEST opportunity all year to get in front of those highly sought-after decision-makers; those with buying authority to buy your product or service.

Well today, I’m going to show you a method that guarantees you get high-value, qualified leads from your first international trade show.


Keep reading to learn how…

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Because…when you conduct “The 360 Degree Sales Event”, the number of high-value sales leads you generate will rocket upward:

Rocket graph 2


And as an additional bonus, you’re going to drive twice as much traffic to your booth;



  • Building brand awareness…
  • Prompting referrals…
  • Generating website clicks…
  • Adding newsletter subscribers…

The best part?


You can do this for YOUR company…even if you don’t have a Fortune 500 marketing budget…and even if you don’t have a marketing department.

But first...a real-life short story of a company that failed to launch...

Title: “Why a Successful Int’l Company Failed Miserably When It Tried To Expand Operations To The USA”

Intro: The Rocket…

A 10 year old company with fast growth and a dominant market-share in its home country.

The Dilemma: Engineers miscalculated the fuel needed to lift the payload weight…

They exhibited at a trade show in the USA to promote their company and better understand the market. Their poor planning led to a…

  • Low number of visitors to their exhibit
  • Failure to collect meaningful information from visitors
  • Missed opportunity to collect high-value sales leads

The Ending: Fizzled out on the launchpad!

Here’s what happened when the company tried to expand operations to the USA:


  • Wasted money on an over-sized warehouse, stocked with the wrong product
  • Forced to recreate a new branding and sales strategy
  • Pressed to redefine the target customer base
  • Changed strategic position from premium product to value product
  • Forced into an 18 month turn-around project, and suffered even longer – recouping lost revenue and paying off accumulated debt.

3-Steps to increase your sales leads by 35%

There are 3 steps to The 360 Degree Sales Event.

Step 1:

Find the right PEOPLE

Step 2:

Make an impact with your BOOTH

Step 3:

Use sales-focused EVENT SOFTWARE

Here’s why this technique works so well:

Have you ever walked through a trade show and said to yourself? …


“Wow! That company has an amazing exhibit – they are on point!” You know that your memorable experience with them is from a combination of their friendly staff, eye-catching booth, gadgets to play around with, and the way you were fully engaged. And you start comparing and ranking exhibits – the winners at the top, all the way down to the poor losers at the bottom – who tried but flopped.

It’s human nature to be attracted to the best.

Trade shows are one of the top ways to find out how YOUR company compares to the competition. Find the best exhibitor in your industry…and plan how to outperform them in every way. You want to dominate your competition.


All of a sudden YOU have the exhibit that everyone is attracted to; wants to engage with, learn about, the company they want to connect with, and most important…the company they want to buy from.

Now…”The 360 Degree Sales Event” is the essential strategy that we use to garner more sales leads for our clients at trade shows.

the process

A basic Trade Show sales process has three main steps: Prospect, Engage, and Acquire. The key is to know what is required to satisfy each step, and most importantly, how to advance to the next step. The ultimate goal is to close the sale on every target opportunity, either at the event, or through your sales team in the week following the event, depending on the type of products and services you sell.

A common trap that we see companies fall into at trade shows is what we call “the feel good factor” – happy to get the booth set up, the team in position and ready to go – on time. But there is so much more to achieve.


  • Do you have a plan to funnel your visitors through a qualification process?
  • Have you established and communicated a sales goal for the event, a minimum set of expectations?
  • Has your team prepared and rehearsed a scripted dialogue?
Those are only a few of questions you could be asking yourself.
Your company is in business to make money. A Trade Show gets you brief, face-to-face meetings with prospects and the opportunity to create sales leads. If that’s true, then you NEED to be in selling mode at your event.   Let’s look at how the people, booth, and software of the “The 360 Degree Sales Event” work together to prospect, engage, and acquire customers at trade shows.


The combination of your people and your booth are what we call “The Draw”. Let’s use the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as an example.


The CES 2019 in Las Vegas attracted 175,000 visitors; OEM’s, suppliers, distributors, and retailers, making up the gigantic consumer electronics industry.

Can I have YOUR attention, please! As an exhibitor, you want to capture the attention of specific individuals that will either buy your products and services, distribute for you, or supply to you. It’s all about grabbing the attention of those who you can do business with.


An outbound salesperson dialing through a database of phone numbers is looking for the decision-makers. A marketer deploying cold emails hopes the right eyeballs view their content. At the CES show, you want your “draw” to effectively filter through those 175,000 attendees and direct the right people to you.


This might be the first time someone has seen your brand. As they approach your exhibit, do they see an inviting, friendly environment, full of activity…employees and visitors immersed together in the experience? Does your exhibit communicate a message “we are alive, active, and energetic”?


Sharp people who are friendly and open, accompanied by an impactful booth are a must. Getting this right is essential for increasing traffic to your booth and advancing your visitor toward a deeper engagement. Once you have this right, you want your team focused on selling.


4 seconds to impress:  A visitor will give your people 4 seconds to impress. If that visitor considers your staff to be sharp, enthusiastic, and an expert in the field, they will open up to persuasion going forward.


Your objective with each visitor should be to advance them through the sales process. Either move forward in the sales process, or, move on to the next prospect. And you make that decision by asking qualifying questions…


Qualifying questions: What business problem are you trying to solve right now? Has your company ever used a product like this before? If so, what happened?

When you’ve confirmed that an opportunity exists, advance into Engagement


Your people and your software work in unison to establish intrigue and captivate your visitors, who are now your prospects.


The engagement phase is more scripted than the prospecting phase.  Here, it’s important to gain a deeper understanding of a prospects business challenge and begin to introduce your company’s value.

Prospects must have confidence in you: Your people must be absolutely convinced that your company is the best at what it does. And they should convey their belief directly to your prospects while questioning, listening, understanding, and qualifying. A prospects’ willingness to move forward is directly related to the level of confidence that they have in your people.

Sales-focused event software is your advantage: The best event software platforms for developing high-value sales leads deliver benefits to both the prospect and the seller. Here are the features and capabilities you should be looking for as you evaluate event software:


  • Offer and deploy e-Collateral: brochures, whitepapers, videos, presentation decks, spec sheets, etc.
  • Survey: collect information about prospects needs, buying timelines, perceptions of your company/products.
  • Behavior tracking: capability to trace prospects e-collateral views and downloads
  • CRM integration: compatible with the most commonly used CRM’s, i.e. Salesforce.
  • Digital displays: controls and manages your digital signage, touchscreen monitors, etc.


Qualifying dialogue: You want to continue an open dialogue, interjecting scripted lines at key moments that naturally assimilates the conversation with the software, digital media; e-collateral, the survey, a video demo, etc.

You’ve scanned their badge, deployed their e-collateral, and talked them through a short survey.  The sales process now advances to the next phase, Acquire…


The software provides your corporate salespeople with detailed information on each prospect’s:


  • Contact information and business challenges…
  • Perception of your company and their buying timeline…
  • Behavior when they interacted with the E-Collateral they received post-show: specific items they viewed or downloaded…
Your Unfair Advantage: Your salespeople now have far more than their competitors; they have a long list of high-value sales leads. And each prospective client will be contacted with a warm introduction, instead of a cold call. Your salespeople are more likely to present the right solution, gain the opportunity to negotiate a deal, and close the sale.


I hope you can see the potential of The 360 Degree Sales Event for your business.


Yes, it takes hard work to create something great.


But with this strategy you already know ahead of time that your hard work is going to pay off.


Ready to get started?



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